Shlomit Singer-Shamir

Shlomit Singer-Shamir  Functional Vinyasa Yoga/ Ashtanga Yoga 

Around 16 years ago, during my Biology studies, my mom signed me up for a ‘new’  movement lesson that started in my village in order to keep me more calm during the exams period. That ‘new’ type of lesson was Ashtanga Yoga which took my heart immediately as it gave me the same comfort as the dancing classes I followed as a child for more than 12 years. During the past 16 years I have practiced different Yoga methods in different countries at home and studios.

In 2014 I moved to the Netherlands and completed 2 courses for fitness instructor at AALO in Amsterdam and in 2018 I completed Functional Vinyasa teacher training ( 200 RYT) at Yoga Garden Amsterdam. This course was guided by Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil. Straight after I completed Kids yoga teacher training ( 25 RYT) at Kidding around Yoga in Amsterdam,  Guided by Nieke Franken.

In my lessons I wish to guide you through the lesson to listen to your own body. The lessons are combination of Functional vinyasa  and Ashtanga. Lessons are given in English with Dutch explanation if necessary.


Trial lesson: 2 lessons for 15 euro
single lesson: 12 euro
10 – lessons card:  100 euro (valid for 13 weeks)

Hope to see you soon J

For questions and more information:

T: 06-44185714

Shlomit Singer-Shamir